300w Panel + 135ah Battery + 55 Litre Freezer

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This is the ultimate self sufficient camping setup which includes a 300w camping solar panel, a 135 amp hour deep cycle battery and a battery box with all the ports and a 55 litre fridge/freezer!
Simply rock up to camp, fold out the panels, plug them into your battery box, then plug the fridge in and your now fully self sufficient!

300w Solar Panel Features & Specifications:
  • Powerful 300 watts
  • High Efficiency Grade A Mono Cells
  • Diode included
  • USB Controller included
  • Anti-freeze
  • Anodized Aluminium frame
  • Easy installation frame
  • Light Weight
  • Open Size:1360*800*35mm
  • Folded Size:800*680*70mm


Battery features & specifications:

  • Anti-Leakage Construction: Sealed structure, ABS intrusion-safe body and factory sealed lid ensure no leakage of any caustic materials.
  • Please charge the battery on receiving it even if the battery will not be used in the near future.
  • Maintenance-free means the terminals need not be refilled. However, the battery must be recharged periodically after use.
  • It is advised to charge the battery every 2 months if not in use for long periods. This is to prevent over-discharging of the battery which will cause irreparable damage to it.
  • AGM deep cycle batteries have a much longer cycle life if they are exhausted to a small degree and then recharged, rather than draining all their power and recharging all the away.
  • **NOTE:The items you receive will vary slightly depending on the batch. But rest assured, this will not affect your use 
  • AGM Deep Circle Battery
  • Rugged ABS casing to withstand vibrations Low self discharge rate
  • Fully Sealed, durable
  • Recharge after use,Avoid Short Circuit
  • Lead acid battery must be recycled or disposed of properly
  • Non-spillable, non-gassing
  • Extensive Life Cycle
  • Long Lasting and sufficient capacity
  • Comes with carry strip handle
  • Complete portable power
  • Exceptional deep discharge recovery performance
  • Maintenance Free, Latest non-spill technology guarantees safe operation without maintenance
  • Battery Type: AGM Deep Circle
  • Model: 12V/135AH
  • Standby Use: 13.5~13.8V
  • Cycle Use: 14.4~15.0V
  • Max Initial Current: Less than 40.5A
  • Product Dimensions: 330*173*212mm
  • Weight: 26.2kg


Battery Box Specifications:

  • Input Voltage: 12V DC
  • Anderson Plugs: 50A
  • 5V Usb Ports: 1A/2.1A
  • Cig Socket: 12V
  • Circuit Breaker: 10A
  • Package Dimension: 18.11"L (46cm) x 9.84"W (25cm) x 11.42"H (29cm)
  • Weight: 2.05 kg

55L Fridge/Freezer Features:

  • Free insulated cover
  • Can be connected to 12V, 24V or 240V
  • Strong and durable compressor
  • Easy to operate LED control panel
  • Overload protection
  • Auto low battery protection
  • Power reverse connect protection
  • Heavy-duty handles and connections
  • Low noise level
  • SAA-approved plug and adaptor
  • Dimension: L715 x W400 x H600 (mm)


What's in the box?

  • 1x 300w Solar Panel
  • 1x 135 Amp Hour Deep Cycle Battery
  • 1x Wired Battery Box with volt indicator
  • 1x 55 Litre Fridge/Freezer 
  • 1x 2m Cable
  • 1x Anderson Plug
  • 1x Cable + Alligator Clips
  • 1x Solar Controller with USB


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