4.5M Expandable LED Camp/Fishing Light

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These new expandable LED lights are the future of night fishing and camping! No more messing around with liquid fuels, no more bugs, moths or midges hanging around your camp! Simply expand the pole out, plug it into your car'sĀ  cigarette socketĀ or use the alligator clips to connect it to a battery and you have a portable street lamp!

These are the must have bit of camping kit for 2020! Order yours today and get free shipping!Ā 


  • Super bright 2,000 Lumens
  • Expandable poleĀ from 62 cm to 4.5m
  • 48 Watts
  • Super low power draw
  • Convenient expandable pole
  • Remote control operated
  • Perfect for night fishing and camping

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    Package includes:
    • Expandable pole
    • LED light lamp
    • CigaretteĀ plug connector
    • Connections for a batteryĀ 
    • Remote controlĀ 
    • Carry bag
    • InstructionsĀ 

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